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Since 1993, UCMAS introduced the new technique using both hands to stir one upper bead and four lower beads of an abacus from China to Malaysia. UCMAS advocated this technique and became the pioneer adopting the method using both hands to stir beads in Malaysia. As the fact has proved by a group of professors from China, such as Zhu Xi-An of The President of China Bead-calculation Association, Professor Yuan Yu-Min of Shandon Finance Institute and Shandon Abacus-calculation Instruct Academy, Vice professor Chi Rong-Yu of Dongbei Finance and Economic University and Liu Shan-Tang of Jilin Bead-calculation Association, using both hands to stir beads facilitates the balanced development of left and right brain to boost up the children's calculation accuracy, reaction-speed, image-memory, creativity, motor skills and visualization-power. UCMAS Mental Arithmetic being a professional education academy always maintains its professional image to manage the academy with high quality in students' performance. In 2001, U C MAS was awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems certificate by BM Trada (UK).

On 3rd May 2001, UCMAS was specially invited to present its excellent achievement to Y.A.B. Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamed at the Prime Minister's Office, Putra Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

All our franchisees and teachers constantly improve their teaching skills, create good learning environment and implement vivid and lively teaching technique, and we do invite qualified moderators/professors to be the Advisors in our board of academic committees (Datuk Mahpor Baba, JC Prof. Dr. Chin Yew Sin, Prof. Yuan Yu-Min, Vice Prof. Chi Dong-Yu, Zhu Xi-An and Liu Shan-Tang), Our main purpose is to create the students’ learning interests and self-reliance, enlighten their brains and improve their reaction capacity in order to activate their stimulate potential. ‘It takes no genius to be a genius’ is our philosophy; ‘Accelerated Training for Tomorrow's Leaders’ is our mission. Over the years of implementation, UCMAS has trained numerous excellent reliable students. They are not only performed well in the international and national competitions, but also receive the recognition from our Prime Minister and chief officers of Ministry of Education. To enhance and glorify the method of calculation with an abacus and mental arithmetic and the quintessence of abacus ~ a magical calculation tool, and to enable most students to have the opportunity in learning them to enhance their IQ (Intelligence Quotient), we will establish children's classes for the age of 4 to 12. In short, as a professional mental arithmetic education academy, we pursue high teaching quality and affirmation from the societies. With our professional training and consultation, your children’s excellent performance in calculation is obviously exposed.

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Establishment :
October 1993
About Us :
We are a company dedicated to the improvement of brain development that uses a franchise system consisting of a network of learning centres to provide courses for young learners, youths and adults.
Motto :
To learn, to serve, to excel.
Missions :
We strive to offer comprehensive series of brain development courses via a network of franchisees that covers both Malaysia and worldwide to broaden and enrich the lives of people.

> We strive to provide mental development courses that would help students and working adults to improve their mental abilities.
> We strive to offer support to our franchisees to achieve success and career advancement.
> We shall continue to maintain high standards mental development education worldwide.
> We shall continue to invest in ongoing research and development of educational products, programmes, systems and tools

Global Partners :
We have successfully set up a franchise system that has given business opportunities and career advancement to more than 1000 franchisees and more than 5000 course instructors worldwide. Up to now, our global partners are:


> India
> Brunei
> Indonesia
> Sri Lanka
> Kuwait
> Nepal
> United Arab Emirates
> United Kingdom
> Yemen
> Iran
> Lebanon
> United States of America
> Nigeria
> Maldives


> Mauritius
> Kenya
> Canada
> New Zealand
> Egypt
> Qatar
> Saudi Arabia
> Oman
> Bahrain
> Sudan
> Jordan
> Syria
> Australia
> Fiji

Endorsement :
> The Chinese Zhusuan Association, (China)
> Southern Pacific University, (USA)
> Saito College, (Malaysia)


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