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Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS) Launches Mental Arithmetic and Memory Technique Programs in the United States

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INDIA TODAY : New age parenting

June 17 - 23, 2001


There is no limit to the potentialities of the human brain. Not only does the function of the human brain need cultivating from childhood, but also need to be constantly used throughout. UCMAS is a tool for brain development. The harmonious action between the organs of human body and limbs, especially the triggering of “image in brain” is the promoter of tapping the function of the brain in mental arithmetic by Zhusuan. A lot of physiological organs of human body are divided into left and right parts. Some of them appear symmetric on the surface, but the functions are not symmetric at all. For instance the right and left hands are different in strength and skill. Research on brain science reveals that the left hemisphere provides analytical information processing and is at good dealing with information concerning language and sound; the right hemisphere provides integral information processing and is good at dealing with information concerning the shape and space. The different cognitive forms of the two hemispheres are mutually complementary and co-operative and develop harmoniously, making up the whole function of human brain. Left-brain governs the right limbs and the right one, the left. Conversely the action of the limbs also has an influence on the development of the brain. Human beings by heredity and education are accustomed to using the right hand in the early years. The right hand is used more than left hand throughout life, so the right brain function is not fully developed.

In order to explore and develop the potentialities of the human brain fully, many physiologists and brain scientist have been studying ways to develop the function of the right brain further. UCMAS is the result of such research. It is the child education on mental arithmetic by image of Zhusan that solves the problem. Numerous examples prove that people who learn abacus Mental Arithmetic since childhood are more outstanding in intelligence, academics and overall behavior. In recent years with the spread of Abacus mental Arithmetic training across the world, more and more children join the classes and have improved their overall performance.

The cognitive theory Two famous scholars expound cognitive theory. One is J. Piaget a Swiss development physiologist and the other is J.S.Burner, American educational Psychologist.

Piaget traces the stages of intellectual development as follows: Sensor motor stage- Infants from newborn to two years old get their senses from the movement of their bodies.Pre operational stage-children from age two to seven begin to develop their thinking by using language, letters and pictures which are abstract symbols. They can learn simple letters, numbers and pictures at this stage. Formal operations Stage- Children above eleven are mature in their thinking. They can analyze by abstract formal logic. They can be taught abstract concepts as algebra and geometry.

As the consciousness of numbers is gradually developed in children from one and half to two year old, it should be strengthened. At this stage concrete item works as “teaching aids”. UCMAS use the abacus. Through constant exploration and practice the children get the concept of numbers. It is only a beginning with numbers. Soon, all the information is absorbed and processed faster in the mind. The learning of abacus helps the understanding of natural science because it has concrete string balls to help thinking. “The elevation of abacus” means the ability to calculate by concrete balls, the invisible imagery or formal calculator, which then reaches the level of mental arithmetic. The learning of abacus helps the understanding of natural science because it has concrete string balls to help thinking. “The Elevation of abacus” means the ability to calculate by concrete balls, the invisible imagery or formal calculator, which then reaches the level of mental arithmetic. The learning of abacus has the same process of cognitive theory, which emphasizes the mental development from the concrete to the conceptual, formal and symbolic.

The research on modern physiology and science of brain indicates that the brain of a 5 or 6-year-old child has reached the weight of 1200 kg making up 86% of the adult brain. At this time the child has approached the sensitive period of thinking in their receptivity, aural recognition of sound and flexibility of finger muscles. Therefore UC MAS works with children between 4 and 12 years.

At the end of the term, the children will improve academic performance, will increase speed and accuracy and will create a genius by discovering the power within.


Article 2

June 17 - 23, 2001

70 master basic maths principles - by CHOW HOW BAN

Seventy teachers from the UC MAS Mental Arithmetic and Abacus Academy graduated from a six-month Premier Achievement mental MA arithmetic Program. They received their certificates from Deputy land and Co-operative Development Minister Dr Tan Kee Kwong at a graduation ceremony held at Hotel Maluri Value Inn in Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur, on Monday.

A graduate clicking away on the abacus to solve two maths questions during a demonstration.

The course stressed on the basic principles of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, the calculation of continuous multiplication and division, integral substituted calculation, percentage calculation and square root and cube root calculation. Ten candidates passed with distinctions while Iriese Tan from the UC MAS Taman Kok Doh, Segambut, branch, was the top student with a 100% record.

Tan said the key to success to memorize the formula and master the “quick finger” techniques on the abacus.

She said if the person could succeed in both, then learning mental arithmetic would become much easier.

Tan said the learning of abacus and mental arithmetic was to enable them to explore the youngsters’ inner ability and improve their ability to focus.

She said she hoped to further improve her knowledge and techniques in abacus and mental arithmetic. Earlier at the ceremony, UC MAS chairman Ismail Mohd Yunos said the academy had over 3,000 students throughout the country while it was expanding to other countries like Thailand, Indonesia, China, India, Australia and Brunei.

Dr Tan presenting the certificate to Tan while Ismail (second from right) and UC MAS managing director Dino Wong look on.

He said the academy’s philosophy was to lay a firm foundation in Malaysia and spread its wing to other parts of the world.

“We’re confident that this franchising system will move on to other parts of the world,” he said. Adviser-cum-moderator Lin Ching Tang from Taiwan urged the graduates to strive to upgrade themselves and view the graduation as a beginning of a more challenging journey instead of an end.

He said they should cultivate a passion in abacus and mental arithmetic so that they could motivate their students to do the same.


Article 3


19 October 2003

For centuries, the abacus was the Chinese shopkeeper’s calculator, but which the advent of modern calculators and cash registers, it slowly disappeared from the business scene.

In the past few years, however, it seems to have made a comeback although not in its traditional environment. The abacus is now being used in education as a tool for enhancing mental ability especially in children.

Dino Wong is the managing director Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS), one of the learning centers that offers courses aimed at enhancing the mental ability of pupils through their handling of the abacus.

Wong: 'Our fastest children can mentally add 10 rows of 12 digit number within 30 seconds.'

The center places heavy emphasis on calculation and mental arithmetic but recently added English and Art programs to its list of courses. Wong’s involvement in education was purely a matter of chance. In 1993, after spending 20 years of his working life in the insurance industry, he was ready for a career change and the opportunity presented itself during a business trip to China. Wong was in Jilin, a province in northeastern China, when a friend offered to take him on a tour of the local schools. He was astonished when he noticed the mathematical aptitude of the Jilin schoolchildren who, he says, far surpassed the capabilities of the average student in Malaysia when it came to the calculations and mental arithmetic.
At first, Wong says, he thought that only the very clever children were able to do mental arithmetic with such speed, ease and accuracy. But then the teacher told him that all the children were able to perform well regardless of their level of intelligence in other subjects.
When Wong questioned further, he unearthed an unusual fact-the children at
Jilin were taught to calculate which the abacus using both their hands. In most parts of the world, the abacus is used with one hand. The one hand method is also taught in many Malaysian Chinese schools.

Wong felt that there was a link and sought to explore it. “I realized that this was not only Mathematics. This was also about enhancing the brain,” he explains.

“The science behind brain development links the right hand to the left side of the brain and vice versa. By using two hands, both sides of the brain can be developed easily.”

Keeping in mind that enhancing brain development is inextricably tied to age, Wong focused his research on children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old.

“According to experts, 75% to 85% of brain development occurs from birth to the age of 12,” he says.

It is for this reason that the children in this age group are the targets of the learning center.
“Children below 4 would be too difficult to handle as a group by the teachers at UCMAS and giving one on one lessons is not financially advisable,” says Wong.

At the moment, specially trained teachers at UCMAS guide groups of students on the two hands method of handling the abacus.

“There are some places in China where they use one hand and two fingers or three fingers. Some areas use two hands and four fingers or two hands and six fingers,” says Wong who introduced the two hands two fingers at UCMAS.

“This method is much easier for the children to learn. The simpler the better.”
Wong himself had to master this technique, and to do this he went for a course on learning the system in
Beijing and Jilin. Believing that the two hands method will boost brain development and, by extension, mathematical aptitude in children all over the country, he is now slowly introducing it here, and seems to be making some progress.

“In Malaysia, we have over 300 UCMAS centers all over the country,” claims Wong adding that UCMAS, which is currently offering franchising opportunities, has successfully set up offices in various countries including India, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and New Zealand. The two hands technique of using the abacus is actually a step towards a higher level of calculation - mental arithmetic. The children at UCMAS first have to be very adept at physically using the abacus before they can move on to mental calculation. Mental arithmetic is connected to the ability to visualize.

“When the children are good, they don’t need to use the abacus any more, they can calculate mentally,” says Wong. Basically, the children are taught to picture the abacus in their minds. The figures that are to be calculated are visualized as beads on the abacus as opposed to numerals.

“A bead is a picture while a number is not. It is easier for them to visualize the bead and to calculate,” explains Wong, adding that this technique is effective in performing basic arithmetic such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

The method incorporates a “picture upon picture” concept. “The calculation overlaps – that means when one picture is in the mind, another picture is placed on the top,” says Wong who considers this to be one of the least painful ways for children to learn mental arithmetic.

“Our fastest children can mentally add 10 columns of 12 digit numbers within 30 seconds,” he says. “Normally, you won’t be able to even read the numbers in one minute,” Confident about the effectiveness of these techniques, Wong has tried to reach as many children as possible and is seeking to dispel the popular notion in Malaysia that only Chinese students are outstanding in Mathematics.

In May 2001, he says, Chinese, Malay and Indian students from UCMAS gave a 45 – minute demonstration of their skills to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad at Putrajaya. The demonstration was aimed at showing that students of all races, with the help of the right method, were capable of reaching very high standards in mental arithmetic. Between 1996 and 1998, UCMAS also went on TV to teach the method, says Wong.

“TV1 gave us a one – hour slot every Monday on Selamat Pagi Malaysia to teach on air.” Wong is hoping that the two hands abacus technique will one day be integrated into the formal education system in Malaysia and other countries, especially in today’s world where almost everything is based on science and technology.

"Mathematics is the foundation of science and calculation is the foundation of mathematics," says Wong Who himself enjoyed mathematics when he was in school.


Article 4

An ancient device becomes handy for modern maths

Monday, October 27,2003

Abacus is at the Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS)

by Kavita S. Daniel Staff Reporter

Picking up any skill is an advantage in today's intensely competitive, dog-eat-dog world. Anxious parents, particularly expatriates, hunt around for activities in the UAE, to arm children with an extra edge in life. Often you have parents packing off their kids to various "classes" — swimming, ballet, karate, art, music, etc. All in the hope of an alternative to their favorite punching bag — terrible television.

It's possible to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, exponents, factors and percentage on the abacus, says Dino Wong, managing director of UCMAS Holdings, Malaysia. ęGulf News

A recent addition to this burgeoning extra-curricular activities package arrives in the UAE in the form of the Malaysian franchised system, the Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System or UCMAS. Brought to the UAE by an Abu Dhabi-based Indian expatriate Francis Almeida, this "skill development program." as it's termed by the promoters, revolves around mastering the art of mental arithmetic.

The UCMAS, however, is not so simple. It's not about learning to be a master in mental mathematics and does not end up being limited to conquering that old fear of mathematics. But the promoters and instructors insist that it is also about making the child use the brain to the maximum. All through our growing years, we hear this harangue about the futility of using just one side of our brain, be it the left or the right. And despite proof to the contrary, education systems in some countries continue to measure a child's intelligence by their academic results.

"In the UCMAS method," says R. Balasubramanian, general manager, marketing, of the Chennai-based UCMAS India, "it's not about rote learning or honing one side of the brain. It's about tapping the 'full potential' of the child."


"Participating in this method of study helps children realize their own potential and they would perform as if they have been pushed to the wall. There will be no 'I can't' in their vocabulary, just 'I can'," points out Balasubramanian.


The UCMAS method, originally founded in China, employs the ancient, yet universally renowned, manual gadget — the abacus — the rectangular shaped instrument lined with vertical rods fitted with beads.


What it does is essentially teach the children to become skilled in rapid mental mathematics with the help of the abacus beads at first. This is done through memorizing a visual through the abacus as a mathematical sum. This concept of thinking in pictures leads to clearer thinking and an enhanced memory. The UCMAS concept prides itself on promoting the right side of their brain in their promotional literature. But as Dino Wong, managing director of UCMAS Holdings, Malaysia, who was in Abu Dhabi recently to train the UCMAS course instructors, points out, skeptics may raise the issue that calculation, logic, analysis and math revolves around the left side of the brain. To that he says the emphasis is not on numbers. Instead, he explains that the crucial difference here is that the numbers are memorized as visuals. It's another matter that the visual is converted into a number and the child works out the mathematical configurations mentally.  Ultimately the child uses the left and right side of the brain, admits Wong. This is the basis of UCMAS learning.


Global usage

• Nearly 300,000 children in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Switzerland, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Kuwait, South Africa and Qatar are learning UCMAS. India has nearly 20,500 children learning the UCMAS in 362 centers. R. Balasubramanian, general manager, marketing, of the Chennai-based UCMAS India, admits that it took them more than two years to get UCMAS popular because people earlier were deterred by the idea that it was a mathematics program. But as promoters and teachers reiterate, it's about handing the children another skill on their plate to tackle life better.


Article 5


What is UCMAS?

Monday, October 27,2003


A look at the system which claims to improve a child’s memory and thought process.

by Kavita S. Daniel Staff Reporter

The UCMAS method of improving the child’s memory and speed in thinking rests on the ancient tool – the abacus. (Remember, playing with this bead instrument to learn your rudimentary math as a child?) For the first six months of the program the child is familiarized and made to operate the abacus. The beads on the abacus represent numbers and the central and the vertical rods provide additional value to the beads.

Iddin Faizal Bin HJ Mohamed Khair and Alan Wong show their skills using abacus during a UCMAS demonstration in Abu Dhabi. ęGulf News

Basically, the movement of the beads (see illustration on Page 2) towards the central beam on a particular rod forms a picture and simultaneously a mathematical value. The association of the value or amount with the image of the bead formation on the abacus is imprinted into the child’s mind. “The key in learning the UCMAS lies in practicing on the abacus,” admits Wong.
Flash cards are used to enhance the visuals and help them memorize the pictures. By the end of the program they have 450,000 images stored in their memory.

Once they perfect their ability to recall these images and convert them into numbers, they are ready to attempt problems mentally with the help of the abacus- and without it after some time. It’s possible to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, exponents, factors and percentage on the abacus, Wong claims.

There’s one more skill that is developed as they learn the UCMAS. Using both hands to rapidly work on the abacus helps children to improve their motor skills, says Wong. Moreover, their skill of picking up the “visual” aspects and process them improves, while mental math only perks up their concentration and hearing.

During the training of the UCMAS course instructors in Abu Dhabi, two children from Malaysia were given long complex problems to calculate. And, the children holding two-miniature abacus in their hands, moved the beads around rapidly, and in a flash gave the right answer.


Children in the age group of 4 to 12 years are the target of the program, which will be available to parents from centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai-franchised by the UAE UCMAS corporate office in the La Marquise building on the Hamdam and Salam Street junction in Abu Dhabi.

The different centers will house classrooms where a maximum of 12 to 15 children will participate in each class. Children have to undergo nearly 8 levels before completing the program, starting from basic to grand level. This is done over a period of 30 months, which involves the child taking a two-hour class once a week, with each level lasting three months. In addition, the child has to practice for 15 minutes every day for the rest of the six days of the week. At the end of each level, the child has to pass an examination to qualify for the next level. The cost of the program works out to Dh250 a month, apart from a one-time registration fee of Dh250. The registration fee entitles the child to an abacus, the program books, t-shirt, a bag and information booklets.



Indian schools benefit from U C MAS

By Reyna K.Rupani
Special to Gulf News

The adage ‘old is gold’ has been further authenticated in the case of the Chinese abacus, developed around 500 BC. Being used by UCMAS (Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System), Malaysia, as a modern representation of the ancient art of mental math, it has been introduced in Mumbai, India.

The UCMAS philosophy is based on research of brain science. It is being taught in many prominent schools, covering over 5,000 students. Parents have seen profound results. Says Swaroop Bendre;”My daughter has been doing UCMAS since nine months and I have seen a considerable improvement in her academic performance, along with her concentration level being increased. She has also developed a liking for math.” Parents have also noticed children preferring the abacus to watching television and a general rise in confidence levels.


Article 6


U C MAS Franchisees Meet


U C MAS INDIA’s Franchise Meeting was organized on 6th December 2003 at Yeses Koyal Mahal, Chennai. Around 85 Franchisees participated actively. The meeting, which had a business like agenda, gave opportunity for both the Corporate Office on the side & the Franchisees on the other side to meet & discuss the current scenario. Mr. Sunder Raj Manager Administration commenced the meeting with the welcome address, followed by managing Director Mr. Basheer Ahamed’s brief keynote address. The Manager Franchise operations Mr. A.V.Shekhar, there after came out with the trend – change & the enormous growth that took place in the speed of the U C MAS Abacus & mental Arithmetic, number of centers from 100 late year to 400 franchisees currently, being the barometer.

Important aspect that could be projected to the Franchisees was the concept profile of U C MAS, which proved beyond doubt about the uniqueness of U C MAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic. The strong & incomparable position, which the U C MAS has achieved, riveted the label proclaiming U C MAS INDIA as not only a pioneer but the leader fro the brands tailing behind with tuft of insignificant & unbranded concepts. U C MAS INDIA always respects the other players in the market and would continue adhering to the exclusive philosophy of offering quality. Quality in every area of propagation of this noble concept all through the “Deliverance of Value”.

U C MAS Memory Technique Concept presentation by Mrs. A.V. Meena Kumari & Mrs. Vijayaprabha , stole the show. The interesting facts of Memory Technique absorbed the audience attention. The feedback was reflected in the application blacks picked up by the prospective Franchisees.

Franchisees took part in the meeting actively especially in the open session. Problems & suggestions absorbed the time to discuss minor & major issues. Gujarat Master Franchisee represented by their Director, Mrs. Megha Karia attended the meeting.

Auditor Mr. Santhana Raman graced the occasion with his presence and Mr. Sintha Mathar delivered vote of thanks. The Franchisees then moved for a sumptuous dinner. It was a pleasant evening, felt one and all.

Ranipet Franchise Center – started with a bang



The small but potential town – Ranipet – in the Western part of Tamil Nadu has the right mix of population with good education, entrepreneurship and wherewithal. Not far away from
Vellore, Ranipet has its shadow on it. With SIPCOT Industrial Estate & Leather industries around, Ranipet has in it the cultural mix of India and the cross section reveals the blend.

Mrs. Nazneen – Our Franchisee’s setting up Franchise center in BHEL Nagar has been a welcome feature. With her experience in teaching and administering in education field has come handy to her. The Concept presentation & live demo for U C MAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Organized by the Franchisee received good audience 300 parents & children with their presence were all ears and witness for the excellent response. Dignitaries. Corporate Office Manager Franchise – Operations – Mr. A.V.Sekhar and Mr. & Mrs. Geetha Saravanan , Franchisee & Course Instructor , Virugambakkam, Chennai, were present. Detailed presentation & Live demo by children Suraj & Srinivas added colour to the function. Thrilled were the audience by the demonstration of skills by the U C MAS children. It was an eventful evening. Franchisee. Mrs. Nazneen needs to be praised for organizing such a useful meet. Thirty on the spot enrollments were done.



A demo with a Difference


- Mylapore U C MAS centers
makes it an event

It was a day when tiny tots, middle – aged and the old assembled for the sole purpose of understanding thoroughly the U C MAS Mental Abacus Arithmetic System and the benefit accrued thereon by mastering these techniques.

For the crew of U C MAS Mylapore center it was a moment to reckon with. The venue was Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan. The hall was jam – packed and this itself was an indicator of the huge success of the program even before the colorful events and demonstrations began.

Renowned and veteran music – director M.S.Viswanathan and Mr. Basheer Ahamed , Managing Director U C MAS India graced the occasion with their esteemed presence. The function began on a formal note with the welcome address by Mylapore Franchise. Franchisee Manager All India Operations – Mr. A.V.Shekhar touched upon the details of U C MAS concept and the growth in India.

Then it was the turn of the children to climb the stage and display their prowess. Students from various schools in the vicinity participated enthusiastically and this was the kind of platform they were yearning for.

As time passed by, the swelling crowds waiting patiently on whatever little floor space was available in the packed hall. U C MAS children displayed their extraordinary skills, answering sums in seconds. Thunderous applause reverberate and now it was the turn of Chief Guest to address the gathering.

In this short but packed message, the Mellisai Mannar appreciated Mr. Basheer Ahamed, the brain behind bringing this concept to India, the children and the Mylapore franchise members. Mr. Basheer Ahamed’s speech focused on the U C MAS concept and he appreciated the children for displaying the skills. On the whole the program was a huge success.

Top Brass Indian Scientists laud U C MAS Students


The decision of Maharashtra Master Franchisee – Sri Ram Security Services & Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, to take part in All India Marathi Vignan Sammelan on 19.11.2003 at Thane needs to be lauded U C MAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Concept was taken to the audience in a unique manner by Mr. R.M.Hadpad, Chairman & MD in his brief address to the audience of the caliber of the Educationists and parents with children from top slot schools. The crowd was the presence of the renowned scientists of the caliber of Shri P.Devdar, Shri. S. Banushali & Shri. Soman on the dais; After a brief cultural program it was time for U C MAS live Demo by Children Tapaswini & jai – answering to sums in seconds thrilled the audience. Child Sahana from Chennai made everyone dumb founded with her multiplication/division sums. The 10 digit & 10 rows addition sum was answered within 40 seconds. Shri. Soman, one of the scientists was all praise for the students and the U C MAS, the organization which took the onus on its shoulders to develop skills of the young children. The thrilled audience started moving towards the dais and to take a closer look and shake hands with this U C MAS student. Cameras flashed and the twilight seemed to have stopped for a while to give silver lining to the U C MAS presentation. Mr. Hadpad & his team, Mr. Saroj Tiwari, GM , Mr. Harjeet Singh, Chief Moderator and Mr. Rajesh Gawde, Marketing Manager & Franchisees Parents & children all those who made it happen deserve accolades.











Article 6

INDIA TODAY June 14,2004

New age parenting

In Chennai, the latest craze is enriching maths and logical skills based on the Abacus Technique. U.C.Mas Mental Arithmetic, which targets four -12 year olds, has over 18,000 children enrolled in 100 franchisees across India. In Ahmedabad, parents are rushing for courses like Little Scientists and Human Computer. The 10-20 week course costs Rs 2,000,but the wait list is long.











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